Before 2017 ends, I thought about sharing my obsessions along this year. I made it a little bit different than everyone else, I included items and food I loved during 2017. By the way, my birthday is on 31st of Dec. SO, ANYONE KNOWS ME AND READING THIS ARTICLE YOU CAN GET ME ONE OF MY FAVORITES! I don’t mind getting two pieces from the same thing. Also, since I posted this on the day of my birthday, I will accept delayed presents.
Okay, let’s go back to the subject! I chose 10 of my favorites, I have a long list of makeup and clothes. But I tried to keep it simple and narrowed to food and kitchenware.

Marble Cake-Stand from  OXFAM:

Anything that has marble in, I just love it no matter what it is! I always want to take advantage of every single marble in this world.
When it comes to food photography, marble cake-stand looks stylish and gives a modern look to your photo. I have mentioned this cake stand in the previous post (Top Favorite Websites for Modern Kitchen Supplies), and I never regret buying it!I loved the mix of wood with marble, and that what stimulated me to buy it.
You can use it in home decorations, put some candles on or jewelry. You don’t have to use it only for cakes. Purchase the cake stand here.

Coffee from Brew 92:

I tried this by coincidence with my friends and I fall in love since then. Basically, the drink is a mix of espresso coffee, milk, and chocolate ice-cream sandwich, served with chunks of the same ice cream on top. I AM OBSESSED! The coffee shake called KDD (CAF)92, it’s one of their special drinks. I know it’s winter, but everyone who lives in Jeddah must give it a try once the winter is gone. YOU WILL LOVE IT! Click here for the location, and here for their Instagram account.

Baking Tray From Neoflam:

A couple of months ago, I challenged myself to make French macaron exactly how I see it in Paris. I had a trillion fail attempts, they all came out burned or under cooked. At the end, I found out that my baking tray was too thin and conducts heat rapidly. A thick tray was the solution, therefore I bought this baking tray and it was exactly as I expected. Not to mention how much I loved the color, the quality was outstanding compared to the price. I recommend you to purchase some of their cookware, the quality is very convenient. I bought mine from Danube supermarkets, but you can shop their products here.

Coconut Oil:

Photo credit to

Who doesn’t like the smell of coconut! I can eat whatever in front of me as long as it includes coconut.
You can use the oil in your desserts, coffee, milkshakes …etc. It adds an exceptional flavor to your food. Also, keep a bottle of the oil in your bedroom to apply some before sleeping and after the shower. Your skin will be flawless and very smooth. I always massage my face every morning with the oil, it keeps my skin hydrated and soft. Buy extra virgin coconut oil, and stay away from processed ones as much as possible. I highly recommend you to use Nutiva (click here to shop) I trust this company. You can also get it from Amazon but be aware, or shop at iHerb if you want a different brand. ( Click here for amazon and here for iHerb).

Canon EOS 700D:

Photo Credit to Guillaume

I got my first camera this year, it was the Canon 700D. Hence I’m a beginner, I was looking for a professional camera easy to use and learn. I did my researches and I finally picked this one. It was highly recommended; I can see why! One of the easiest cameras I handled, all the pictures on my blog were captured by the 700D.
If you are starting your own blog or photography hobby, I recommend you to get it. It’s very affordable and you will keep it for the longest time. Click here to read a review on the camera, and here to purchase.

Spicy Crunchy Corn:

Please Lord, keep Indians in the highest place in heaven for inventing this snack. A roasted Spicy Crunchy Corn, oooohhhhh mama Mia! This is my everyday snack, I’m on a diet though. I put a handful of this corn in my salad, a little bit with my grilled cheese sandwich or avocado toast, and a huge bowl while watching Game Of Thrones. It’s spicy, salty, crunchy, makes your mouth dripping.
You can buy it freshly made from Danube supermarkets if you live in Jeddah. However, you can also get it packed from amazon in case isn’t sold in your country. Click here to purchase.

Matte Plates from All Modern:

Modern style fans will love these plates. For me, I prefer using matte plates in photography because it doesn’t reflect light. This is a key point for a successful photo. Reflected light often disturbs the viewer eyes, especially when you want them to focus on the food in the plate.
I buy most of my plates from All Modern, choose your favorite from the website. They have a huge collection of plates, I have mentioned this website before in ( Top Favorite Websites for Modern Kitchen Supplies) and it still my favorite. Click here for the site.

Dark Chocolate Coated Cranberries From Guylian:

You know when you go on a trip to a new country. You take loads of chocolate and candies on your way back home. So when you try them, you wish you did that in that country so you could buy dozens of them. This is exactly how I felt when I tried this chocolate, almost cried! It is a mixture of fruit and dark chocolate. if you don’t know me, I am a dark chocolate freak! There are different flavors, fruits, and chocolate. You can get the milk chocolate ones, in case you’re not a big fan of dark chocolate. I like the cranberry with dark chocolate. It has a sweet and savory taste which I love the most. Click here for the website, and here to get the cranberry chocolate.

 Belgian  Truffles From Marks & Spencer:

Whenever I visit London, I do a huge chocolate shopping at M&S. Anything at M&S is super delicious, I trust their products. Any chocolate you buy, you know it will never let you down. However, there is one chocolate stands out more than the others. It is the Belgian chocolate truffles. They have a whole collection of Belgian chocolate, but the truffles are my favorite. It is heavy chocolate truffles dusted with cocoa powder. You can get it only for £7 at the store. Click here for shopping.

Caramel shortcake from Thorntons:

I cut my relationship with whoever goes to Australia/ UK and forget to bring me a dozen of this. It is a crunchy shortcake base with a layer of rich caramel topped with smooth milk chocolate. You get 9 mini pieces per a pack, I can eat a full pack in 10 minutes with a huge coffee mug. I ate caramel shortcake from many brands, Thorntons was the most delicious one. Click here to get it from Amazon, and here for Tesco. Unfortunately, their official website does not sell this product, but they have much more. Click here for browsing. 


This is it! 

I Wish I could include more items in this article, but as I said before I’ll try to keep it simple! huuuh!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and



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