Since I was born and raised in Jeddah, I thought it would be a great idea to write about the best 5 places I love in my home town. These places are numbered from least to most favorite. You might disagree with me, however everyone likes things that other people might not like. Therefore, before judging give those places a try, comeback later and write in the comments below how did you find my list? did you like them all or you have some comments about some places? Let us know!
I wanted to choose a variation of food types between traditional, Indian, burger .. etc to make my list more miscellaneous. So, lets get started:

Number 5:

Bharat means spices in Arabic, and from the name you can till what kind of a restaurant is this. It’s an Indian fine dining restaurant with a modern twist, serves many delicious Indian cuisines and desserts.

The restaurant is slightly expensive, however it’s wroth a try! It’s so classy, quiet and five stars service. Excellent for a date night! 
The menu is full of delicious Indian food, you can choose either you want them spicy or plain. 

I suggest you to try the Chicken Biryani and butter cream chicken with their special naan bread, so delicious and enough for 3 people. 
Advantage: decoration, food, service.


Disadvantage: price, parking area. 

Number 4:

Naranj Resturant
 This restaurant wins the best on my list, if it’s not the first, for many reasons. One of the reasons is that THEY SERVE FREE DESSERT ONCE YOU FINISH YOUR MEAL!!!
Which restaurant does that!!!! Above this, the plate they serve is enough for 8 to 10 people which saves a little bit of money and well satisfying. The dessert is a diversity of most popular traditional Syrian desserts.
Not to mention that Narnaj is a Syrian restaurant that dishes up spectacular meals with a reasonable price. The outside look, the interior design, 5 stars service, and the quality of food give you a sense of luxury while you’re paying a small amount of money comparing to other restaurants with the same standers.
The restaurant presents breakfast meals in morning, but dinner and lunch have the same menu. I highly recommend you to visit the place in morning for a quit peaceful breakfast with your beloved ones, especially if you are in Jeddah during winter season where you can enjoy the outdoor seating. ُEven though, the place looks absolutely adorable at night for a family dinner or a dinner for two!
I suggest you to order grilled kebab, Kebbah with nuts, Grilled Kebbah, and Hummus topped with roasted meat. The restaurant is famous with their Kebbah Labnyah which is Kebbah in boiled yogurt, but unlike others I didn’t like it.
Advantage: food, service, decoration, price.
Disadvantage: pre-reservation for top floor.  
Number 3:
Burger and Lobster
Here we have to pause and take 10 seconds of silence to this restaurant because IT IS THE BEST BURGER PLACE in Jeddah!! If you haven’t tried it abroad now you have the chance to give it a try in Jeddah.
The whole idea about the restaurant is burger and lobster, that’s it! So if you’re one of those people who always get confused looking at the menu trying to figure out what to order, this restaurant the absolute choice for you cause there’s nothing to look at. It’s either burger or lobster! 
When you order burger or lobster, it will be served with fries and salad with a lovely dressing, and special sauce on the side. The whole meal takes about 70 to 90 SR, which gives it a suitable price for such quality.
The place is a bit crowded and the music is loud, therefore I don’t recommend it for a date night. However, you will have lots of fun for friends or family gathering cause the atmosphere is cozy and casual. 
Advantage: food, price.
Disadvantage: loud music, pre-reservation, poor lighting.  
Number 2:
The Cheesecake Factory
If you haven’t visited the United States before, and you want to live the American restaurant experience, Here You GO! I brought to you one of the well known American restaurant “The Cheese Cake Factory”! 
Despite the divergent views, everyone agrees that this place brings spectacular dishes with a very satisfying portion. The crowdedness, music, coziness, and decoration make you feel like you’re in the Original Cheese Cake Factory! Therefore, if you still questioning about this place, don’t hesitate and take your family out cause I guarantee you will never regret it!
The menu is full of dishes that meet vegan and non vegan requirements. However, I suggest you to order different dishes every time you visit the place to have the chance to try all of their delicious food. 
The restaurant is famous of their macaroni cheese balls, so make sure to order them on your first time visit, I love this dish! Also, cheese fettuccine and Sheila’s chicken and avocado salad are my favorite, too.
Advantages: food, service, dish portion, cozy. 
Disadvantages: crowded, price, parking area, waiting list, small waiting area.    
Number 1:
Albalad (the Old Jeddah)
If you haven’t visited Jeddah before and you want to see the traditional side of Jeddah with the best food market, then you have to go to Albalad. It’s not a street or one place; it’s a very large area full of traditional places, historical buildings, hand crafting stores, food market, and lots more. This place used to be Jeddah before evolution, now it has become tourist’s first destination.  
You can easily get lost in there, but you can hire a tour guide who can show you around and give you basic information about the area.
Once you’re there, don’t forget to try Kebdah and Balilah . Those two dishes are basics and you can’t leave Jeddah without tasting them! Kebdah is basically a lamb liver roasted on a pan with tomato, green chili and seasoning. While Balilah is steamed chickpeas mixed with sauce and pickles. Both of them are so yummy and mouth dropping!    
There are several food market events hosted in Albalad every month, so I recommend you to check Jeddah municipality’s website, or simply follow the link below to see events, information, plan your tour, book a tour guide and lots more.
Advantage: price, food, experience, walking around, good deals. 
Disadvantage: traffic, crowded, parking area, poor hygiene. 
I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and I wish you share your 5 best places you have visited in Jeddah with me cause maybe next time it will be on my list! 
See you soon! 

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