I was always one of those people who never pack any kind of food with them to work. Either being lazy or in a rush, I’ve never been chill! I was looking at them every day on lunch break heart burned. I wanted to experience this feeling, but I couldn’t manage to do it. Simply, it wasn’t my first priority, and I’ve never thought this would affect my life!
One day, I met a new coworker from Argentina who convinced me, unintentionally, to take control of my life. He was a former quarterback at his college football team, super fit, organized and a successful person. He always talks about how he maintains his life balanced and under control. So, I needed to figure out what he is doing! First thing I noticed that he always has his lunch, snacks and shakes packed and ready! I was wondering how he manages to do it every single day! It seemed hard for me but I said “If he committed to do it daily, there must be something beneficial about it!”.
 So, I decided to start having breakfast at home instead of buying a sandwich on the way. Also, preparing my lunch earlier to pack it for work. I was so determined to stay on the track and stick to the plan to notice any difference in my life style. It took me about two weeks to see enhancements, and I’m so happy about it!
In the next few points, I’ll share with you what have changed in my life since I start packing my lunch and snacks for work every day:
        Lose weight:
This was the first thing I noticed, and it might be surprising that I lost about 17 kg after cutting off restaurants! You can’t see what those restaurants put in your food. Whenever you order a dish, you can’t control how much butter and fat are added to it. Consequently, you will keep gaining weight un-noticeably if you didn’t minimize your visits to restaurants.
   Save money:
The previous point brings us to this. Relying on restaurants for your daily meals is costly. If you work 5 days a week and spend minimum £ 10 per day for lunch, it will cost you £200 a month. This is a lot of money that could be spent more wisely! For me, I spend around £20 weekly to prepare my food, in a month it takes less or around £80. There is a £120 difference between buying lunch and homemade lunch.
Save time:
Let’s sum up everyday’s scenario, on lunch break you leave your office, walk to the store, wait in the queue, order and wait for it to be ready, and walk back to the office. How much time do you think left for you to eat and relax a bit so that you could boost your energy and return to work refreshly, only a few seconds! What I really saw since I started packing my lunch is that I had plenty of time to eat and chit chat with coworkers. Also, I could relax, check up my phone, and grab a coffee before my break ends. I don’t have to look at my watch every second while I’m eating or running down the street to be at the office before the break is out.  
Have verity of options:
Having your food pre-prepared gives you the chance to choose whatever you want to eat. It gives you the choice to follow a certain diet, change your meals once awhile, break the routine, and stay healthy. Preparing your food by yourself also give you the ability to control portions and what ingredients are added to it.On the other hand, you will be limited to a group of restaurants surrounding your work area if you didn’t have your food packed for work. Being in a restricted food choices doesn’t help you financially or on the health aspect.
Control your life:
This is the feeling I got after experiencing all the previous points. When I lost weight, saved money, and managed my time wisely, I felt that I have the power to control my life and I can make it the way I want. Before, I was waking up late and never have breakfast at home. Now, I force myself to sleep early so I could wake up a bit earlier to prepare breakfast, eat peacefully, and arrive on time for work. I also gave up on bad sleeping habits and appreciate time more as I plan to do everything before my bed time comes up.


After all, it’s not an easy thing to do if you are a messy person “as I am”, but it will be a challenge-able task to test yourself with it, could you pass or fail?! If you are one of my regular reader I am sure you will pass! 
See you soon!

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