Royal Victoria By H.A.

A Food Blogger

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien


Royal Victoria is a name established by a mid-twenty Saudi girl who started her passion for food and cooking when she moved to Europe years ago. The name is dedicated to the district she lived in where everything began.

She is interested in collecting vintage items, music, art, fashion, and designing suits. Always wanted to be a Dr., but fortunately, her life took her to a completely different path she never would’ve expected! She feels lucky and blessed about it.

Has two dreams to achieve “to be an expert in food, and knows every single detail about cooking”. Also, “owns a suits boutique as classy as Kingsman and a glass house”. White and black are her favorite colors, heels and bags are her favorite art pieces.

If she had a choice to live one more life, she would have lived it in Europe. A dream day for her is waking up in Florence, listening to Yiruma in London, cooking a nice meal in Rome and enjoying the sunset over the Lake Annecy.

Since she started, everyone is asking why she isn’t revealing her identity. Royal Victoria cares about her freedom, and never wants to be a public figure (Took a lesson from the Kardashian’s!). She also wants people to focus on what she gives not who she is.

She said “I’m Saudi, I know what fame will bring to me “A HEADACHE”! I don’t want to be stopped in the streets or hear rumors about my life. Imagine going out with your family and you caught people secretly taking pictures of them, I’ll be pissed off. Mate, it just doesn’t feel good to live with broken wings. I don’t either know if what I’m doing will bring me that kind of fame! But you should take precautions, ain it! What Royal Victoria brings to the world is the only thing matters to me at the moment. After all, I bravely stood up for the only thing I love whether I used my name or not.”

Royal Victoria decided to invade the food industry and build her own steps. Went through a lot, but still capable to give more. Whatever is made on this website came after years of breakdowns and months of saving money. Therefore, leave a nice comment to support.


Royal Victoria