Having brunch In bed is a wonderful idea to break the routine. I love preparing breakfast and surprising my family members in the morning. They, for sure, will start their day with positive vibes. It also gives a hint to the person how much you love him as you woke up early and make all the effort to draw a smile on his face.
In this post, I’ll share with you some tips and ideas on how to make the perfect breakfast In bed. I’ll hook you up with some of my favorite breakfast recipes in my next blog, click here to get it !
 So, let’s get started: 
Choose a light color plates:
People prefer to see bright colors once they open their eyes. It gives them the feelings of warmth and comfort. Breakfast dishes have the tendency to be colorful, so having a light unicolor plate will balance the presentation and more satisfying to the eyes. Baby pink, white, piege, and light blue are good examples.
Put an effort on decoration:
Present your food well. Add chopped herbs, seeds, drizzle syrup, chocolate, or sprinkle some powder sugar. Be creative with presentation because it makes your food looks out of 10. Browse the internet for ideas if you have no clue how or what to do.
Make it special:
Add your own touch on anything you make, it shows your partner how much effort you gave. Use a sauce, chocolate, or syrup to write a lovely note on the plate for him/her. Buy their favorite flower and place it on the serving tray. You can do lots of similar things to put your personal touch.
Know their favorite food:
You have to be fully aware of what your partner regularly eats. It wouldn’t be beneficial to serve bacon or scrambled eggs when he / she is vegan or got allergic to it. Therefore, choose their meal precisely. Do a quick scan on their instagram page and see what they usually take picture of. This gives you a hint of their lifestyle and what they like.
Keep it simple and easy:
Stay away from time consuming dishes, those that take ages and long steps to be done. Try to do simple and easy ones. Also, minimize the number of meals you’re serving so that you could manage the time to cook it.
Add fruits and veggies:
Garnish your dish with different type and shapes of fruits and vegetables. Their colours will add a spectacular touch to your plate. Besides they make your meal looks more appetizing than it tastes.
I wish this could help you a bit and gives you an idea on what to do and how to do it.
Don’t forget to checkout my next post, I’ll be posting some quick and easy breakfast meals. Click here to get it. 
See you soon!

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