For those who love clean, healthy, and green food I brought to you in this post my favorite salad place that you wouldn’t regret giving it a try. It is Chop’d !
I literally can’t count how many times I visited this place! It attracts me for its clean, fresh and delicious salads, above that I can create my own salad which I prefer more than ready to go ones. Also, I can have a giant bowl full of goodies ONLY for £6.25 which makes my stomach and bank account in a piece of mind!
Most of salad places that I have came across, the green leaves , such as lettuces, that they serve are withered or dried from being exposed to air for a long time. However, at Chop’d they are super fresh and tidy cleaned.
Basically, once you enter the place either you stand in a queue to choose your salad ingredients and sauce then the staff will mix it and pack it for you,  or you can easily pick one from ready to go salads on the fridge. For me, I prefer to make my own salad that matches my taste and I highly recommend you to do it as well!
You can use what I always order if you’re visiting it for the first time. Then, once you get used to the place you can be creative on your own.
When you build your own salad you have to choose a base, adding three vegetables items and one deli item then topping. If you want to add more ingredients, it’s going to be £1.25 per one addition. 
I usually order couscous and lettucesas a base. Then, I add broccoli, sweet corn, jalapeño, chicken, cheddar, and feta cheese. For topping I use blue cheese, lemon, olive oil, salt, and pepper. It usually costs around £8 to £10; you can take out some ingredients to be in the price range.
Unfortunately, Chop’d is only found in Marylebone, London, and Manchester. There aren’t any branches in the Middle East which makes me a bit unhappy since going to this place was my happiest moment of the day!   
Write down below if you agree that they should open a new branch in Dubai, Riyadh, or Jeddah!
Wish you all a happy day.


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