The most frequent fear that people have whenever making sushi is how to cook the rice. As an Asian, I always knew how to cook rice perfectly. However when I first made it for the sushi, I got it under-cooked. My ego was a bit hurt! 

Usually when you miss cooking the rice, the sushi roll either collapses or mashes. I always thought that I cooked it well, later I realize how ugly I made it as soon as I start rolling the sushi. To prevent all that drama, just follow these simple steps I’m about to give you precisely, and I promise you, you’re going to get it right at the first attempt.

I’ll be writing them as steps with a brief description of each one.

1- Choosing the correct rice:

The rice always used in sushi is “Short Grain Rice”. It’s different than the regular rice in length and thickness. However, there is another type of rice called “medium grain rice” which looks very similar to sushi rice before cooking. For that reason you have to read the package carefully before purchasing.
 You can easily find it in Asian markets. There are many different brands; you pick whatever goes with your budget. I used two different brands with different prices and I couldn’t see a single difference. 

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2- Rice- water ratio:

It all starts at the measurements of water and rice. When cooking sushi rice, water and rice has an equal ratio. 
Rice = water 
This means if you used one cup of rice, you have to cook it in a one cup of water.
For example: 5 cups of rice goes in 5 cups of water, etc. 

3- Use the same cup:

As mentioned before, water and rice must have an equal ratio. Consequently, when measuring, you have to use the exact tool you measured the first ingredient with. For instance, if you measured water in a tequila cup, you should use the same cup to measure the rice. Otherwise, the ratio wouldn’t be the same and this will ruin everything.   

4- Water temperature:

It’s always recommended to use room temperature water for cooking sushi rice. I used hot water before, and I wasn’t happy with the result! My rice turned out over-cooked and very tender. Sushi rice shouldn’t be extremely soft, it must be firm and maintain its shape. 

5- Washing:

Rice always comes in packages say “Do not wash”, that’s totally wrong! It’s coated in starch that needs to be washed off before cooking. Therefore, rinse the rice in water for several times, until you get clear water. While washing, mix it gently with your hands.

6- Cooking:

Place the rice after being washed in a thick pot (to prevent it from burning), pour the water in (The water that is in room temperature and measured in the same cup as the rice), sprinkle a small pinch of salt, and cook on high heat. 
Bring it to boil; you will see bubbles formed around the pot (at this point you know it’s boiled). Then, cover it tightly, turn heat to low and let it cook for exact 10 minutes. You have to make sure there isn’t any air escaping from the pot, therefore you need to use a led has the same size as the pot. If air isn’t trapped inside due to a leakage in the led, the rice will never cook as it supposes to be. 
If you followed the exact cooking steps, the rice will come out easily and never stick to the pot.

7- Cooling :

Lowering the temperature of the rice properly after cooking is important, too. For this reason, never leave the rice in the same pot it cooked in and walk away. 
Once the rice finished cooking, transfer it to a large tray or container and spread it out. Pour the rice seasoning (while the rice is hot) and start mixing gently with a spatula or flat spoon. Stop mixing when the steam is gone and the rice is no longer hot. After that, cover the tray with a clean foil and pop it in the fridge till you are ready to use it.
The tray or container used must be bigger than the pot used in cooking, to give a room for the rice to cool completely. 

8- Seasoning :

Sushi rice seasoning is composed of 3 basic substances: Rice vinegar, sugar and salt. People play with ratios between the three based on their preference of which flavor they like to taste the most. However, most kitchens use this formula (me included I just love it):
Quadruple for rice vinegar
Double for sugar 
One for salt

For example: if you use a tbsp, the measurements will be:
4 tbsp of rice vinegar
2 tbsp of sugar
1 tbsp of salt
This will be mixed in a bowl and poured into the rice while it’s hot (The moment it finishes cooking). Rice seasoning is the most significant step in making sushi, never skip it. 
I wrote the recipe shortened below, but you need to read what written above to get everything in details.

This is it! I hope you guys find this post informative and has exactly what you needed.

Sushi Rice Recipe

By Royal Victoria

how to cook sushi rice perfectly

Prep time: , Cook time: , Total time:

Yield:2 to 4 rolls


For the rice:
1 cup of rice
1 cup of room temperature water
pinch of salt
For the seasoning:
4 tsp of rice vinegar
2 tsp of sugar
1 tsp of salt


  • Wash the rice.
  • Place it in a pot, add water, salt, and cook it as described above.
  • Mix all the rice seasoning ingredients in a bowl
  • Transfer rice to a tray, pour the seasoning and mix until it cools completely.
  • Cover and refrigerate till needed.

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