Since this is the first post on my blog, I want to talk about my favorite place that I have visited and I would revisit it for a hundred times.  It is my number one café, simply, one of those cafés that you will never leave it disappointed!
I’m talking about LADURÉE.
The Victorian decoration, the perfect macaron, and the high quality customer service they have despite the location of the branch, all these and more can make this café on my top list.
I have visited many branches in different countries and I can till that nothing changes, I give them a credit on making a stander service and food taste all over the world.

The café is French and all the dishes on the menu are French, too. Therefore, if you’re a French food lover this would be the perfect choice for you to chill and sip your morning coffee or to have your breakfast as a good way to start your day!
The place offers breakfast, dinner, and lunch; however they haven’t many choices of dishes for dinner and lunch. So, it wouldn’t be a good idea to bring your family over, especially for kids.
 On the other side, breakfast experience is unforgettable at Ladurée. They have a long list of dishes on the breakfast menu.
I highly recommend omeletteLadurée which is a rolled omelette filled with mushroom, cheese, herbs, and tomato. They serve it with toasted toast for free.
For desserts, you can’t miss out with all the sweets they have! Everything is tasty and more than perfectly made, I recommend you to taste a different dessert every time you go there.
The price is medium to slightly expensive, but you can save your money by ordering a hot drink and dessert, this way you will leave the café fully satisfied and you got the perfect experience there because Ladurée is all about that !
If you ever planning to visit Ladurée, don’t forget to pack yourself with a huge box of their delicious macaron so you never feel guilty once you leave their door.
I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed.
See you soon!

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