Since Ramadan is just around the corner and it’s the season of food and family meetings, so I thought it would be great to share with you some tips on how to enhance your table overlook. Whenever I get invited to someone’s house, I always check their table setting. How they make it, what style did they follow, is there any accessories … etc. Therefore, it is very important to take five minutes of your time and think how you’re gonna arrange your dinner table as it’s the first thing a guest will look at. If you are not a great cook, I’m pretty sure the table set will cover up your bad cooking skills!

1- Make It Simple AMAP:
This is the easiest and the most important tip for everything and anything. Everyone likes simplicity; simple things are much more attractive than noisy ornateness stuff. Whenever you do something, keep it simple as much as possible to achieve the best outcome.

2- Match Between Table Color, Room Decoration and the Tableware:
It’s cool to have a colorful table-set, but it wouldn’t present nicely if you use it in a room looks like Buckingham Palace! So, you have to pick tableware that matches your dining room style and furniture, specially the dining table.

3- Choose Tableware That Suits the Occasion:
The previous point brings us to this. Choosing the correct setup for the correct occasion is as important as matching it with the room style. Let’s suppose that everything in your dining room is white, so you have a verity of options suite your room style. In morning, you go with colorful plates and cutlery. On the other hand, in evening you have to go with darker colors, like silver, brown, golden, ..etc. It’s the same as make-up, in the morning we wear lighter colors than the evening, this is how it goes.
Another thing to mention is the table-set style, try to buy different ones for different occasions. Have them range from simple to fancy ones, you don’t know who’s gonna knock on your door the next morning. Rihanna or Barack Obama might be your next guest, be prepared! Therefore, manage to buy affordable table-set you would use throughout the year for casual evenings or birthday parties. Also, put some extra money to purchase one that you bring out once a year for huge nights like Christmas or Eid dinner. The same thing goes for cutlery; choose the one that suits the tableware.

4- Add an Accessory :
No one disagrees that accessories add an extravaganza touch to anything! Flowers, glass bottles, vases, candles, etc these items have the power to make your table pretty and well presented. Browse the internet for table setup, see how designers arrange the table, what kind of accessory they use, how they use it, and get inspired by them. You can, also, minimize your options to a vase in the middle of the table filled with flowers that matches your setup.  You will never go wrong with this!

5- Balance Between Tableware and Accessories:
This rule goes as follow: The more the table-set, the less the accessories, and vice versa. If you put too much of both, your table is going to be crowded and there wouldn’t be any room for your guests to rest their hands in. On the other hand, too little of both will make your table look empty. Balance is the key. 

6- Follow the Rules of Dining Etiquette:
This is very important especially if you are inviting VIPs to your house. Having the least knowledge in dining etiquette is better than nothing. Before you setup the table, have a quick look on the internet where to put each item on the table. There are hundreds of info-graphs that simplify the whole process. 
Also, you can do it in formal and informal way. Check out this website ( Click here), it’s the first website I read to understand every aspect of dining etiquette. The way they explained it was very simple and easy to follow. 

7- Food Presentation:
A well organized table wouldn’t complete without a well presented food. Put some effort on food presentation, it’s easy to do it and makes a major difference. Add chopped parsley, sprinkle some herbs, drizzle olive oil or syrup, be creative and try to copy chiefs and what you see in restaurants. 

Those are the seven tips that I experienced and helped me out to enhance my table look. If you have any tips you follow and I haven’t mentioned, please comment down below. I really would love to hear from you. 

See you soon!

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