or beginners in cooking, it’s hard to adjust the flavor correctly. Also, it’s not easy to pick the correct spices for a certain dish. Spices are an important aspect of cooking. Choosing the wrong type or flavor will make your effort goes out of the window.  This post will make your cooking life much easier! Also, it will save your time and money.

In my mom’s kitchen, we’ve been using one type of mix spices for many years in every single dish we cook. We used it in spaghetti, burger, braised meat, fettuccine, soups, egg….etc. Basically, every main course we cook on the stove, we use this mix spices for. I love how it works with everything and anything, of course, desserts aren’t included! Also, it gives an exceptional flavor to your dish. It’s only four ingredients spices, very easy to make and you can find most components in your kitchen.

To make this mix spices, you have to purchase all components fresh and in the form of seeds (as shown in the picture above). Do not use processed ground spices. Those have fewer flavor and will not give you the expected results, not even close. Take a tablespoon of each ingredient listed in the picture above, except cinnamon. Use 1 large cinnamon stick or 3 to 4 small sticks. Don’t use too much of cinnamon because it has a sweet flavor. Put all spices in a food processor, blend them together until you get a smooth powder as seen in the picture below. Transfer to a container with a tight lid on to maintain the spices flavor for the longest time. Make a notice, as long as you keep it in a closed container, you can use this mix spices for a whole year.

You can easily purchase all components from Indian, Irani, Arabian spices store. However, if you live in the USA, I know how hard it is to find a spices store that sells all these Middle Eastern spices. Therefore, I have found an online store that delivers to all areas in the US. Also, it’s very affordable compared to other stores. Click here to direct you to the website, or you can click on each ingredient below (if you’re too lazy to shop, I made it easier for you).

Shopping List:

– Coriander seeds

– Cumin seeds

– Cinnamon

– Black Peppercorns


Enjoy cooking!

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