If I gave you a photo of mine and you show it to the waiters in this cafe, they might laugh and seat you in my favourite table. I can say that this place is where I used to have my lunch two years ago every single day. I made so many memories in this cafe, that’s why it’s so close to my heart. Without in further ado, let me introduce you to my favourite cafe ever “Patisserie Valerie”!
Patisserie Valerie is one of the original cafes in London. It was opened before world war two in 1926, and the first branch still open till today in Soho. It is specialized in pastry and cakes, however it serves variety of dishes. They have the ultimate breakfast and lunch dishes. The cafe atmosphere is modern vintage and every branch has its own unique style. I personally prefer the one located in Liverpool Street, even though, all of them give you the same impression once you walk in. Most of Patisserie Valerie’s branches around London have outdoor and indoor seating area. The place is absolutely a good choice for a family and friends meeting, it’s very cosy, joyful and fun to seat in. But I don’t recommend it for a date night, because it’s a bit noisy (there are too much people in) and they close pretty early! With that being said, it would be lovely to give it a visit with your date during spring when the sun is taking over the sky, so you could have your breakfast outdoor and enjoy the sun (I suggest the branch in Spitalfield, Liverpool Street they got specious outdoor seating area).
Their menu is full of different choices, you can choose between salads, burger, sandwiches, desserts and much more. Also, they serve Italian ice-cream (Gelato) in many flavours.  As I previously said, I used to visit Patisserie Valerie regularly the reason is; I was in love with their goat cheese sandwich! I swear it’s the best you could have in town! I tried it once by coincidence and instantly fell in love with it! I have to warn you in advance if you got enthusiastic about testing this out, you have to come early in the morning for the goat cheese sandwich. Because you’re not the only one who likes it or want to try it, this sandwich vanishes very quickly. Therefore, make sure to pop in early and don’t forget to ask the waiter to make your bread toasted. Another dish which I highly recommend is the caeser salad; they make it with three pieces of grilled chicken breast on top of an Italian bread. Another thing to mention is the portion of food served in the plate, it is well satisfying and more than enough to be shared between two.
The staff is very nice and helpful. They are quick and always happy to serve you. As much as I go this place, I’ve never gotten a problem with my order. It’s always right and as it should be.
I want to make this review short and give you a sparkle of excitement to visit Patisserie Valerie. My post will stop here; I hope you guys enjoyed this review. If you have been in this cafe before write me in the comment section below what’s your thought about it and if you haven’t I’m sure you’ll never regret it!
P.S. : all photos are credit to Patisserie Valerie.
See you soon!

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