This small restaurant carries all the happiness in their falafel balls. Literally, as coming from Arabian culture, this is the most delicious falafel I’ve ever eaten in my whole life. I might seem over exaggerating, but you have to eat them first before judging me. It is crunchy from the outside and super fluffy and soft from the inside.  The interior of the falafel is extremely green and moist, and the outside is perfectly fried. I had taken many friends of mine from different cultures to this place, and they fell in love with it! This falafel is a must, period!
It is all about falafel, they serve it in two forms: in containers or pita bread. There are several toppings, salads and sauces that you can add to your falafel without any extra charges. I love adding pickles, hummus and chili sauce to my sandwich, they make a good combination together. Besides falafel, there are other side dishes. I haven’t tried it, but I am pretty surethey taste spectacular.    
As I said before, the place is a bit small; therefore they don’t have a seating area. It’s “to go” type of restaurants. The staff is very kind, they are always smiling and cheering every time I go there. They serve people with falafel as they are waiting in the queue. So, you have the chance to taste it before you order.
The staff makes your food as you order, even though, they are very quick and you wouldn’t wait in the queue more than 10 minutes.  Also, the place is very clean, everyone is wearing gloves and the food is well packed.


If you’re vegetarian or any of your friends is, this place surly will satisfy both of you. The prices aren’t expensive for such quality and convenient portion. You can get pita bread filled with salad, hummus, pickles, and three falafel balls only for £6!
Give Pilpel a visit, you will never regret !
I hope you guys enjoyed this review.
 I’ll see you soon ! 
P.S. Photo credit goes to Pilpel restaurant.  

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