t’s almost Christmases season, Black Friday, Thanksgiving, New Year and much more! Gifts craziness is about to happen! I like to plan ahead for my gifts shopping and house décor. However, sometimes my packed schedule holds me back and makes me jump between malls at the very last moment. Most likely I don’t find what I wanted cause I’m late, people already took the good stuff and I’m left with nothing. It takes much time and effort to walk from a store to another, and you might find what you’re looking for or might not. What I found more useful is to do online shopping instead of visiting each shop separately. I love to be a bit creative with my gifts and décor. I like to buy items that look more stylish and unique. For that reason, I hooked you up with 11 of my favorite websites for creative modern home supplies, accessories, kitchenware and much more. Also, I’m gonna share with you some of my favorite pieces from each website. Most of these websites are for designers that I love their work! I hate to arrange them in order, I love them all! So I’m just going to throw them randomly.

– All Modern:

This website is my top favorite one. The collection of plates and dinnerware they have is outstanding. I recommend you to buy couple ones for you to keep or for a friend. It’s a good gift to give! These plates could be used as an accessory in your bedroom or living room.

My Chosen Pieces:

– Novica:

Let’s take a deep breath for this site. Guys, I can’t resist the masks collection they got, the plates, accessories, everything is so colorful and adorable. It’s beyond adorable. If you like Indian Asian African hype style, this is absolutely your site. I guarantee once you see it, you will be fully obsessed. When I was browsing to pick my favorite items, I’m supposed to pick 6 but eventually, I ended up with 48 products! I’m pretty sure you will do the same.

My Chosen Items: (Still have more but I had to eliminate the number!)

– Uncommon Goods:

The story behind this website is that it collects pieces from different designers all over the world. Everything on this website was carefully chosen and you barely see it in regular shops. This website suits people who like to purchase unique, modern, artfully items.

My Chosen Pieces:

– I Price Group:

This one is similar to Amazon, but it concentrates on the Southeast Asia region. Though, I had to open a mailbox in China just to order some of their items. The quality is best you can get, and the orders are well packed. What amazes me the most is the collection of dinner plates they have, very artistic and chic.

The only disadvantage of I Price Group is that they don’t have worldwide shipping. Also, the currency is in Malaysian Ringgit, can’t be changed to other currencies. You have to convert the currency manually every time you liked an item.

My chosen Items:

– Crate & Barrel:

You can’t visit the US and miss out popping into Crate & Barrel. If you missed all the fun, you can check out their store online. They got modern pieces with reasonable prices and shipping worldwide. I love how they kept their style all over the years. They have gotten simplicity and creativity in their designs. 

My Chosen Items:


For people who like luxuries pieces, this English based website is your optimum choice. The site collects magnificent products from different brands. Also, they have their own designs. I love how far they go with their designs and picked pieces.

My Chosen Items:

– Pottery Barn:

Hands down for this store! I can spend the whole day walking in the store, never get bored. I know every single item they have; I can name it with blinded eyes. I love the texture of their designs, especially the wooden ones. Zara Home and Pottery Barn I believe they use a magic spell! Anything you buy from their store, I swear it will match your house regardless what style your house has. Trust me, if I get a gift from Pottery Barn, I will lose my mind. This store is a good choice for house decorations or gifts to your beloved ones. It’s an American store and they ship internationally.

My Chosen Items:

– Williams Sonoma:

If you know my addiction to Pottery Barn, it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t mention their amazing store Williams Sonoma. The whole company impresses me with their designs and the quality. Don’t miss out their Thanksgiving collections, one of the best (Click here to see it)! The items listed below are my highest favorite! Please buy one of these plates, I couldn’t afford to buy them all. I wish someone could enjoy looking at them the same way I do (I know I have a mental disease called “Plates syndrome” haha!).

My Chosen Items:


I’m taking you all the way to Australia, to the country of a kind and heartwarming people. Regardless their stunning handmade products, OXFam have a noble goal behind the organization. They help people in developing countries by selling some of their products and other picked pieces from India and other countries. It is a charity shop, all the outcomes go to them. But let’s not forget how beautiful and unique their products are. They have variety of wooden, modern, textured goods. You must check out their website, pretty sure you will love it!

My Chosen Items:

– Target:

If you are an American, you must be familiar with Target. This store is most favorite store for Americans, comes after Wal-Mart of course! I don’t live in the US; however, I still shop from Target. Their products are very classy and modern. The trend now is marble, golden, rustic, coppery furniture. Target has all the previous; you don’t have to look elsewhere. It’s all packed in one store. The only drawback is that not everything on the website you can purchase. There are some products, like beds and cabinets; you have to buy them directly from the store. For me, I buy kitchenware, storage, pillows, small things that can be shipped to my country. Lately, I have an obsession with this marble cake stand listed below. I bought one from Amazon, and then I felt guilty after I saw this one!

My Chosen Items:

– Live Laugh Love: 

This website is off the topic but I had to include it. If you are a fan of vintage style, this small family business will feed you up. It’s an English website that offers many vintage collections of house furniture and kitchenware. Sadly, it delivers only to the citizens of UK, Wales, and Scotland. However, you can open a mailbox in the UK to enjoy online shopping at these small English stores. I believe if you admire the vintage style, you couldn’t find any better country to provide it than England. The prices at the store are affordable and cheap. Though, the quality still high compared to the price. You will never regret buying any of their products. 

My Chosen Items:



I hope you love this post!

Enjoy Shopping!

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