houting out to one of my favorite brunch restaurants in Jeddah, URB Kitchen. It was a blessing to find this place, it remains on my list whenever I think about brunch.
It’s located on the 2nd floor of Zahran business center click here for the location.

URB Kitchen

         I had three minutes of silence when I first arrived, there wasn’t any signs or clues that this huge glass building has a restaurant and a MINI MARKET inside! Yeah right …?! All you can see is glass windows, an escalator, and a huge sign for “LOFTS”. Thanks to the security , I was successfully directed to the place. A Beautifully designed building, modern, outdoor area on the 2nd floor with fountains and a view to Prince Sultan Road. During winter, I guarantee URB kitchen is the hit! Make sure to park outside the building cause you have to pay for the parking area inside. Don’t worry there’s an escalator outside the building that leads you directly to the restaurant and an elevator if you are carrying a trolly.

A view of the escalator that leads to URB Kitchen

         Talking about decoration is my favorite part, and URB has won the game. The restaurant has a combination of vintage/ modern and New York style. As soon as you’re in, you forget you’re in Saudi Arabia. It has its western vibes, which I prefer the most! Not to mention my love for the combination of wooden and marble interior, they’ve done an impressive work!

Ignore my shadow, please … !

         The entrance to the restaurant is creative, you walk on a small bridge leads to the main door which crosses a mini pool beneath that surrounds the restaurant. A huge wooden bar for coffee is the view once you walk in. Then, a seating area on the right and the left for families and singals. Also, they preserve a seating area outside for smokers. Tables are made from marble too, I know how much people are addicted to marble these days. Aesthetics will find their souls here!


         Leather light color couch and steel chairs with joyful paintings on the wall made the place funky and casual. The restaurant is built from a see-through glass, Saudi Arabia famous sunlight is coming through all day long. Consequently, it’s a bit warm during the day inside, though air conditioners are on. However, I always force my family to have breakfast or dinner at the URB kitchen. The view of the sunlight coming through or the golden hour of the sunset makes the place a piece of art. I adore places that take good care of the sunlight and URB one of them. The place is observantly clean, tables are well organized and tide up after every customer. The floor is wiped and clean same as windows and food display.

I captured the sunset

         To visit URB and be seated immediately is charming luck, specifically during brunch hours. The place is crowded, you need to make a reservation in advance. Hence its crowdedness, it’s not quite for a getaway or dates. Perfectly suitable for family and friends meetings. Tables are pretty close to each other, you can be mentally involved in other’s stories and discussions if you got bored from your companions. As I previously mentioned, URB is full into capacity and costumers are stacking, waiters are trying their best to serve everyone but table service is quite slow. You just wait for more than 15 minutes to have eye contact with one of them so you can call him over. However, waiters remain kind, polite, and extremely helpful.

The coffee bar

         Now let’s talk about food. As any other restaurant, URB has morning and evening menu. Every element on the morning menu is perfectly set and prepared. They have lots of choices and variety of dishes. What surprises me the most is that their menu consists of light and heavy food. If you’re following a healthy lifestyle and your companions are the opposite, never hesitate, both of you will enjoy your visit. At URB, you’re not going through the salad column, hahaha! Their evening menu is quite limited, though, it will never disappoint you at any point. All the choices are outstanding and worth the visit. I personally enjoyed breakfast more than lunch/dinner. Perhaps the atmosphere and sunlight are affecting my emotions.
For breakfast, they serve eggs in 8 different styles beside granola, toast in many shapes, and Arabic Mezza (check out the breakfast and lunch/dinner menu below).

         I pick a new choice every time I pop in, so I mostly experienced three-quarter of the menu. I fell in love with the pesto omelet. I wasn’t fully certain when I chose it, but it was out of the world when I had my first bite. The dish basically is an omelet made with pesto sauce, so the eggs developed a beautiful green color. Making an omelet with pesto sauce is creativity! It’s topped with parmesan cheese, cherry tomatoes, rocket and toast on the side. The portion is more than enough for a single person, and it can be shared for two.

Food display at the coffee bar

My second favorite option is the breakfast croissant which is a croissant stuffed with mushroom sauce and sautéed spinach. Served with a poached egg on the top and hollandaise sauce. This dish is a photography queen, the way it presented is magnificent! I also loved the combination of mushrooms, poached eggs on the top and hollandaise sauce. This dish is a photography queen, the way it presented is magnificent! I also loved the combination of mushrooms, poached eggs, and hollandaise followed by the crunchiness of the croissant. I would recommend it for the first visit.

I was lucky to find this epic photo. I was having lunch with my sister & brother.

         Regarding the lunch/ dinner menu, I have certainly loved the URB Angus burger. It’s their signature burger and wins the game. It’s basically a burger sandwiched in focaccia bread and layered with mozzarella cheese, balsamic sautéed onions, arugula, and mushroom cream served with fries on the side. It’s extraordinary to have a beef burger inside a focaccia bread, I had an extreme fondness for the idea!

         Pink pasta would be my second recommendation for lunch/dinner. I love the thickness of the sauce and the combination of burrata and parmesan cheese added a flavor to the dish. I asked the waiter to add sliced chicken to the pasta and the chef pleasurly agreed. I have huge respect for chefs that listen to their costumers. Grilled salmon with rice and the crispy chicken burger were cooked and served perfectly. They were delicious, I certainly enjoyed them. Overall, most of the food served is outstanding, and the portions are huge. I haven’t complained or been unsatisfied with the dishes URB prepare.

URB Angus burger

         Wrapping up this article with coffee and desserts. If you’re like me treating french toast as a dessert not a breakfast, I guarantee you will have the best dessert ever. I pick french toast on all of the desserts they have, and I wish they include it on the lunch/dinner menu. Tower, Nutella, or classic french toast all of them are incredible! Choose one of them every time you give them a visit cause all of them are on point! How can you enjoy desserts without specialized coffee? Yes, URB is a cafe too, you can pop in to enjoy their coffee without the need to order food. They have a barista in charge of coffee and drinks. The menu is a bit limited to the basics, but remains delicious (See the menu below).

Coffee menu

         I expected them to create a signature drink, unfortunately, they haven’t. I wish they do sooner than later. Last but not least, URB categorized medium price in contrast to other brunch restaurants in Jeddah. Affordable and serves food that meets its price and worth to pay for.

         That’s the end of my review, hope you enjoyed it. I tried to cover everything as much as I remembered and deliver my opinion clearly and honestly. Click here for URB IG page.

Enjoy your visit,


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