Mexican food might be the most favorite to some of you. However, I consider it too heavy for me and I don’t prefer to eat it whenever I go out cause I FEEL DIZZY AND SLEEPY after I have my first bite.  
One day, I was taken in a date night to Wahaca, when I knew that we will go to a Mexican restaurant I felt slightly uncomfortable and I was thinking “I’m going to embarrass myself by sleeping on the dinner table”  but everyone was saying “YOU NEED TO GIVE IT A TRY!”. So, I went there crossed fingers!

We went to the branch located in Southbank. The outside look was beautifully designed (I believe it was inspired by a shipping container look), colorful and casual.  We were seated next to the window, the view was stunning cause the restaurant is directly located against the river. It was at night, so everything was dark except the city lights which I adore. There were electronic candles on the tables, and the ceiling full of small lights that looked like a shining beads (I just love it). One thing that I didn’t like is that the floor in certain areas has small holes where you can see the ground floor; I was wearing pumps so it was pretty hard for me to walk without getting worried that my heels will stuck inside one of these holes.

The staff was nice and helpful, they respond quickly to our requests and the food was served shortly. The menu varies depending on what time of the day you’re visiting the place, are you eating in or take away, and are you gluten free or not.  Additionally, they have a separate menu only for kids, which make this place more adorable.
 I ordered chargrilled ancho chicken which is burritos filled with black beans, shredded cabbage, green rice and chicken thigh, served with a handful of tortilla chips & chipotle salsa. This was the main course and we ordered nachos as a starter, it came with dipping sauce. If you love rice, I highly recommend you to try the chargrilled ancho chicken. The filling was juicy, full of delicious spices, and well combined. It was very appetizing. The burrito was slightly huge and I got filled so quickly, so I believe it could be shared. In general, all the dishes there were huge and well satisfying.
For the dessert, we ordered Churros with chocolate; three long Mexican doughnuts come with a chocolate sauce on the side. It was the best one I’ve ever tried, crispy from the outside and super soft and tender from the inside. The chocolate was a bit rich but it was toothsome, and the dessert was more than enough for two.

I had a wonderful experience at Wahaca, and I went there with my friends many times after my first experience.
Now, after reading my review, you might ask yourself a question. Did I felt heavy and sleepy after eating at this restaurant as I always do whenever I eat Mexican food?
The answer is NO! This is the only Mexican place that I left without someone guides me to the car. I am really surprised of myself! Perhaps the food is grilled or they’re using light ingredients and less fat, I don’t know!
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I hope you guys enjoyed this review. 

See You Soon! 

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