This post is for gelato lovers, I brought to you one of my favorite stores for gelato in Europe and the most EPIC one. Mainly, the place is located in Italy but it has multiple branches around the world. I have visited many of their branches and I have to say those people keep their quality the same wherever you go.

So if you’re wondering what it is, it’s “Amorino”! 

First time I tried it was in London a long time ago, we were walking by the store and I was attracted to the display window. So, we stepped in and I discovered heaven on earth!
Amorino is an Italian place, no wonder they got the best gelato in town, that only serve gelato in many forms with drinks and other gourmet products. What I love about the store, and it might be basics nothing fancy about it for most people, is that they do verity of macarons filled with GELATO! They just combined two of my favorite dessert in one! This is the reason why I LOVE IT, besides their spectacular gelato!

Apart from macaron , Amorino serves gelato on waffles, crepes, cones, and dolce. Also, they have different types of chocolate, hot and fresh drinks. Therefore, it would be wonderful to give it a visit if you are in a date or with your kids. I always go there whenever I need a boost. I also experienced to be there after having a dinner date, I loved it more! It was quiet, cozy, and the staff was very polite. They didn’t rush us to leave the store, it was pretty late at night and they didn’t ask us to leave until we asked them “ what time do you close”.

I have to break this to you, unfortunately, Amorino has only 3 branches in Asia, and all the three are located in Middle East.  One is in Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) and two are in UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi). However, they have many branches in USA and Europe where you can give them a visit. 
If you are reading this post and you are aboard, go and check their website to see if your destination got Amorino in! IT WORTH IT! 
All Amorino branches have similar theme and style; however, the ones in Milano (Brera) and London (Covent Garden) attracted me the most. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!
See you soon !

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